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COMMERCIAL: This is the best window treatment for buildings, offices, shops, salons, restaurants, etc. However, the best part of Unicorn Window Film is the fast and efficient quality work that is provided for every single customers.

RESIDENTIAL: This is the best window treatment for your home needs. Which requires privacy, security, and protection from harsh UV light rays.

We provide an extended warranty for your window tint needs. The warranty covers: early signs of deterioration, breaks before it’s intended time. The customer must have the original copy of the warranty invoice if you want to file a warranty claim. For further details on warranties, contact Unicorn Window Film directly.

Unicorn Window Film uses specialized caulking for your windows. This is in part since this type of caulking is very flexible, and water and moisture repellent. For details on calking, contact Unicorn Window Film directly

We have a team of experienced local installers. They are all skilled at mastering graphics, precise in measurements, providing a clean workspace, and flexible to your busy schedules. Please contact UWF for an installation quote today.

Having problems with your older window tint? We got you covered. We can assess the problem and find the right solution for your residential of commercial window film needs. Contact Unicorn Window Film for your instant repair.


This type of film physically reinforces glass panes to keep any glass fragments from falling to the floor from a broken window. The purpose is to protect against break-ins, vandalism, and security reasons.


This type of film helps filter light, and solar heat. This ultimately helps you save energy. We are here to address your unique needs through energy-efficient window treatment. 


This type of film provides privacy without blocking the light. It is most often used in office spaces, and businesses.


This type of tint is also known as decorative film. It allows you to customize the design, and pattern you would like on your commercial and residential window film needs.

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