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Frequently Asked Questions (UWF)

This will only be determined once an estimate is given. Customer estimates will calculates the total cost of the type of material and also, the amount of the material needed to complete the best possible window treatment.

It depends on the circumstance of what is in front and behind your window. Double application depends on your own personal needs.

It depends on how well you maintain your windows. Like avoid using harsh chemicals on the actual window tint, and avoid scraping the window film surface.

It depends on how clean your initial windows are, how accessible the window is, and how many windows you have to tint. A wide range of reasons need to be determined before an definite time is given.

Yes, they all come with full warranties.

As long as you avoid using harsh chemicals, the use of a blade, or a harsh scrubbing pads; then the window film will remain intact.

Unicorn Window Film is flexible with your needs and schedule according to our business hours.

Yes, you can send your own measurements and pictures. However, for better accuracy an onsite installer is highly recommended.

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