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Since 2012, Unicorn Window Film (UWF) has been providing exceptional laminate film across Canada. We serve residential and commercial property demands. Our world class installers help customers find the perfect window film/tint for their window treatment needs.

Residential & Commercial Property

Are you interested in your office space or condo needing specialty films? If so, we can offer your smooth glass surfaces to be decoratively enhanced by making  privacy security or UV Protection? If so, we got you covered at Unicorn Window Film.



This film is very thick textured. The purpose of this film once it dries is it makes the glass much stronger. This is beneficial for burglary, and natural disasters reasons. This strengthens the entire window, blocks up to 95% of UV Rays, and lets in 100% of the natural light.


This film gives you privacy during the day and eliminates the heat. Also, this type of film reduces up to 70% – 99% of heat and blocks out UV Rays.



This film is most popular in offices to provide privacy during the day time and night time . In homes we install this in the back door, front door and washrooms for large windows for privacy reasons. This film will add privacy for both day and night, reduces up to 30% of heat and blocks up to 99% UV Rays.


This film lets you design,  and show people your logo on the building.

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" 5 star performance. Everything was done with care and high efficiency. Would definitely recommend using Unicorn Window Film for all your tint needs!"
Karen Montgomery
"The installer who tinted our windows was knowledgeable, patient, friendly, and was easy to communicate with. I was extremely impressed by the final results, especially the way the graphic looked."
Jake Larson

Love Your Windows Again

Window film is remarkably versatile. It can be applied to almost any window. But that’s not all: you can add window film to doors, patio doors, skylights, large windows, or any other type of glass. It’s even safe on tempered glass.